A summer of saxophone, friends, and experiences exclusive to students of Mr. Padilla

Sax By Sax-West is:

A Summer Sax Concert at

The University of Texas

Classes on Jazz, Q&A + Concert with Mr. Padilla's Quartet, and extra-musical topics

Private lessons that fit your schedule

Sax by


Ok, What is this exactly??


   Sax by Sax -West is the loving term for an entire summer session of music learning. But it’s not just sax lessons: It’s a live performance feature students from all over Austin @ the University of Texas at Austin. Lessons are also enriched with classes on Jazz and Music History, but it’s even-EVEN more than that really! It’s the opportunity to delve into creative music making, connect with other saxophonists from all across ATX, and it’s about deepening your art in ways you might not through school.

I have a busy summer! You mean to tell me that class will happen according to my schedule?!

   Yes! The program runs from May to August, with the only concrete date being the concert on Saturday, July 27th. Everything else (classes and private lessons) are scheduled based on your availability. Perfect for enriching a busy summer!


What can I do to reserve my spot?

   Spots are limited for the concert and classes! To reserve your spot today, fill out the summer scheduler here.

What is the pricing?


Sax by Sax-west Package -  $100 /mo.

Includes Concert Performance + 2 classes + 6 sax lessons  

Classic Lessons Package - $75 / mo.

Includes  6 sax lessons

A la Carte: Outside of above packages,

Lessons are $60 / hr. , Classes are $30 each,

Concert Registration is $40 (Packages save you over $100!)

Ready to plan your summer?

© 2016-2018 by Chris Padilla // Photos by Sarah Hetrick

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