Teaching Philosophy


     Pursuing the craft of music making is an endeavor that shapes people in profound ways. The skills required to study an instrument are immeasurably valuable and have affects in the musician’s development as a person and professional. It is my goal as an educator to provide students with the tools necessary to reach their full potential on their instrument through guided problem solving, establishing a solid foundation of fundamentals and technique, as well as by emphasizing the life habits taught through the study of music. 


Performing with the UT Saxophone Ensemble

     Each student has a unique voice to share through music, and it is my job as an educator to provide a solid foundation in instrumental techniques and informed guidance to find that voice. It is not my wish for my students to take my artistic opinions as dogma, but to offer perspectives and pose questions that get them thinking critically about the art. This is made possible with fundamental studies and proficiency in the technical aspects of playing saxophone. 

     In addition, it is through careful guidance and persistent questioning that I help make my students critical thinkers and problem solvers. The longer I work with a student, the more and more they will be able to answer their own questions and create solutions to their own challenges.

     The value in one on one musical instruction is not only an incredible opportunity for a student’s musical development, but also for their development as people. In our lessons, I will collaborate with students to craft goals, think critically on finding solutions, insist on the determination and grit it takes to accomplish these goals, explore the artistic potential and fulfillment that comes from performing, and evaluate the outcome to plan for the future. I believe strongly in the power of these valuable skills to translate into any endeavor beyond music. By serving as a model and personally investing in each of my students, I hope to more strongly establish these principles.

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