Why Take Lessons?

   Private instruction offers students the opportunity to receive individual attention, hone in on their own challenges and goals, and to build problem-solving skills under experienced guidance.

Performing on Baritone Saxophone with MODUS

What to Expect


     Lessons take place weekly at the student’s school, home, or other site for either 30 minutes or an hour. During this time, the student will receive one-on-one time devoted solely to enhancing their own playing and understanding of music. From this point forward, the details are up to the skills and goals of the student! 

What topics do you cover in lessons?


     With an understanding that I’m not just teaching saxophonists, but whole musicians and whole people, I strive to cover everything from techniques to playing the instrument to music history, theory, mental approaches to performance, and the means of being artistically expressive. Students are given a strong foundation in the fundamentals of how to play the instrument at every level of development, which are then applied to music selections that are musically fulfilling. What specifically we do within these two areas is guided by what the student needs most and what goals they hope to accomplish on their instrument.


What are your experiences as an educator?


     Teaching others has always been at the core of my pursuits in music. With a bachelor’s in Music Education from the University of North Texas and currently being in pursuit of my Masters of Music in Saxophone at the University of Texas at Austin, I’ve spent much of my schooling honing my crafts as a saxophonist and educator. I have worked with all ages of students, from young beginners to adult learners. The philosophy I’ve gained from working with such a wide range of students is that each one has unique ambitions and needs in music. It’s my mission to use the teaching tools best suited for each individual and guide them to their own artistic voice. You can read more about my experience on my about page.


What do lessons cost?


     My rates are dependent on a number of factors including travel and, if we are working through your school, what a school district’s policy on pricing may be. I’m more than happy to discuss what you can expect if you send me an email!


If I’m already in band through school, then I don’t need lessons, right?


     While Middle and High School Band programs are terrific places to begin one’s music education, it is rare for students to receive a great deal of, if any, truly individual attention in their musical development through band classes. Receiving one-on-one instruction through lessons is a great way to compliment being in a band program. Music lessons, unlike tutoring in academic classes, are also not only for those that are struggling in class. In fact, music lessons help students excel in their music making!


Do you only teach alto saxophone?


     Not at all! I've performed extensively on Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, and even Bass saxophone! Although similar in their key-work, each instrument requires a unique approach to sound production. I am more than happy to help you learn on your instrument of choice.



What if I’m still not sure if lessons are right for me?


     There is no better way to find out than for us to get together! That’s why our first meeting is completely FREE of charge! Not only do I want to ensure that you feel one-on-one lessons are right for you, I want to ensure that you see my teaching as a great fit for your style of learning. 

Questions? Ready to have a lesson?

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