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The Haps - March 2023

Valentines, Galentines, and Palentines! February was an A+ month! The grooves are tracked and I'm in them for code, music, art, and people.

Blogging & Dev

I'm getting the hand of this blogging daily thing! Lots of tech journals this month from learning testing in React.

Continuing on with the Tailwind redesigns at work! It's been coming along nicely. πŸ‘Œ We'll be learning Docker at work, so I'm reading up on great quotes from Moby Dick. 🐳

I went to my first meetup in a while! React Dallas was a great hang. There's a really welcoming and smart community out here!


I released Spring this month! I'm impatiently waiting for it to actually feel like Spring outside!!

Spring Cover

Good things coming with guitar and piano! I'm learning finger style on guitar and am plugging away at reading jazz lead sheets on piano.

You can see what I've shared so far through the Music tag on my blog


Two pears in a pod

I'm getting close to finishing my second ever sketch book! I'm breaking the threshold of only learning from videos to actually learning through the craft. Like practicing an instrument, the training wheels are coming off and I can just start learning through practice. Exciting!

I'm still doing drawabox. Also going through the brand new Proko Drawing Basics course. Drawabox is so dense an zeroed in on construction that it's great to have a more general, exploratory curriculum with Proko.

You can see what I've made so far through the Art tag on my blog. I'm also sharing drawings on Instagram.

Words and Sounds




Early this month Miranda and I went to Denver, Colorado for The Gate. IYKYN, we both came back lit up and ready to rock and roll!

Tourist-wise, we got to see the Meow Wolf out there. We loved the original in Santa Fe when we went a couple of years ago. So crazy cool! Can't wait for the Grapevine location to open this summer!

We also saw Maggie Rogers. That concert was a blast! Great band, great crowd, great music.

What's up?